Polished Concrete Systems

We grind, polish and seal concrete floors according to the client’s specifications, within the following broad categories of finish:

Full Grind.

Terrazzo Style Ground Concrete is one of our favorite products. It consists of grinding the concrete to expose the aggregate and then polishing it.
With our Terrazzo skills we are able to finish the floors and all edges to a terrazzo-like finish. We can also add Zinc strip to the joints, giving it the appearance of a terrazzo floor but at a fraction of the cost.

Polished or Sand Finish.

Diamond Finish Floors produces a Sand Finish by lightly grinding the concrete to expose an even sandy look, and then polishing the floor using progressively finer diamonds.


Customizable options that can be added to these finishes include stained logos, inset Terrazzo logos, designs, text, signs and more…

The finished ‘look’ of polished concrete floors can be further customized by applying stains, adjusting the original concrete mix design by adding color to the cement, ‘seeding’ the concrete with colored aggregates and other materials…

Recycling crushed concrete and other previously used materials into the mix design can also add interest to the finish as well as gain LEED points.

Joint Filling

Diamond Finish Floors has the equipment and capability to fill contraction and construction joints, either as a stand alone service or as part of our concrete polishing work. We commonly use a Polyurea material, colored to your specifications, for this work, but can use any specified materials.

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